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Have people gone insane with panic?

Seems every time I turn around I’m seeing more and more panic regarding this Covid-19 ( previously known as coronavirus ). And it baffles me. Maybe I’m just not prone to fits of paranoia or easily manipulated by fear mongering. I went to the store the other day to pick up a few groceries like I always do, and half the shelves were barren or mostly barren. Toilet paper shelves were empty, and dry goods like canned foods looked like the pictures I saw of the stores in the old Soviet Union.

People stocking up as if this was the End of the World. I’m surprised people aren’t building bunkers or wrapping their homes in bubble wrap. It’s like someone yelled ‘ FIRE ‘ and everyone is running to the exit in panic mode trampling people along the way.

Maybe I’m more cerebral than emotionally driven, but it appears to me we are getting too concerned about something long before we even know the full extent of what might come. More people will die ” TODAY ” in automobile accidents than the coronavirus has killed since it’s inception. Is that knowledge going to prevent you from getting into your car, knowing you have a greater chance of dying? Is that knowledge going to throw you into full panic and paranoia mode? Of course not.

Sure it’s horrible that people are dying, getting sick, that’s always horrible whether you are talking about Covid-19 or the 56,770 people in the US alone that died of Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma last year. Our hearts go out to the families who suffer losses for whatever reason.

But, I for one, am not in panic mode, will not be running to the store to bunker up on supplies, will not be stock piling, will not be wearing gloves or masks, or self inflict quarantine because of the fear I might come in contact with an infected person. If I have any advice it would be ‘ CALM DOWN ‘, there are many other things that can kill you that you deal with every day, and no one gets out of here alive, so don’t panic, it’s life.

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