This was a fun movie from beginning to end. Samuel L. Jackson makes a perfect villain whether it’s in a serious action movie or a comedy, he nails it, every time. I haven’t seen every movie he’s ever made but I can say with complete confidence that of the movies I have seen I haven’t seen one that I didn’t like. He’s one of the few actors, of any era, that you know, that whether it’s a major big budget blockbuster or a low budget release, it’s going to be entertaining.

Salma Hayek, at 55 years young she still looks great. In fact she looks like she’s barely aged a day from the very first time I saw her in Desperado. Maybe a little tighter from working out, but still absolutely gorgeous. Now I can’t say the same thing about her career as I can for Jackson but I can say seeing her let loose in this movie was brilliant.

And then there’s Ryan Reynolds. Who makes a better smart dumbass? No one. Great in action movies and even better in action comedies. He has had some questionable choices, Green Lantern and R.I.P.D. being two of them, but he was still entertaining, or at least had his moments, even in those. No doubt, that as he ages, he will make better choices and solidify himself as one of the best from our era.

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