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How Do You Twitter Follow Fridays?

Generally I #followfriday the people I talk to, and I’ll #followfriday them several times over the course of the Friday so they get as much exposure to people as possible, as we are not all on at the same time nor are we all in the same time zone…so…to maximize exposure for them I will #followfriday them several times throughout the day because I want people to follow them.

I will also #followfriday new people…giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are worth following…however…if it turns out they’re not I won’t #followfriday them the next Friday.

However I don’t #followfriday people who don’t talk…ever…to anyone…if you don’t talk I will not #followfriday you or recommend you to others.

I go though the list of people I follow periodically and unfollow anyone who does nothing but spam, and who followed me just to get their numbers up, then unfollow as soon as I reciprocate the follow…so…the list I have is mostly ‘ prime ‘ people…people who talk, are interesting, and worthy of being followed.
I estimate I have unfollowed and not followed more people than I presently follow…or those that follow me.

And sometimes, like most people, I’ll forget someone I want to #followfriday…so if I missed ya this time around…sorry :oops:

And the more people I follow the harder it is to determine who to #followfriday because there’s no way you can #followfriday everybody when 98% of the people you follow are all deserving of being followed.
You want to #followfriday everyone who should be…but there’s no way you can.


Who do you #followfriday any why? Leave a comment, it’s free, and share.

Edit: I just started, in addition to my normal #followfriday my, “highly recommended” #followfriday picks to recommend those I talk to the most and find the most interesting and compelling.
These “highly recommended” #followfriday picks are just that…those I highly recommend for you to follow.

And, a word to the wise, if you follow me just to up your numbers then unfollow after I followed you…you will not be followed for very long…as I do go through my list periodically and you will be removed.

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