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This will cover two things: how to bypass a college library firewall and how to install things so you can run them when the college library computers won’t let you install jack sh*t due to permissions.

So, I’m in the library at college and they only allow you to get to about 4 sites, all related either to the library or the college itself. Well, me being the innovative guy that I am, decided to get around this. Anyone who tells me I can’t do something, well, unless it’s literally impossible, I’m GOING to do it. I can’t tell you how many hot chicks have talked to me (like right now as I write this) after I’ve helped them get ‘around’ things like annoying firewalls, etc.

We’re allowed usb drives, hell, everyone’s got one, so…go download the Putty client. This will allow you to have multiple options for connections like ssh, serial, telnet, etc. Keep in mind, you have to have access either to a telnet server or an ssh server. I run sshd on my home server so it works for me and I’ll be using the setup for that to show how I get outside the college and into my server and then into the mud that I play on (multi-user dungeon).

Since putty comes in a binary .exe already and doesn’t need installing, just put that on your flash/usb drive and you’re good to go. All the computers in here have 2 usb ports so use that to start the program which promptly runs and just put in the server dns name (or IP if you really want to) and the type of connection (mine is ssh since telnet is shut off and that’d be one hell of a long a$$ serial cable if I checked that) then hit connect and you’re in. Since ssh is being used, you’ll have a popup to accept the key which you do, and then you can do what you want from the prompt. Right now, I have about 4 putty windows open, 1 mud, 3 for code/etc.

Similar aspect for installing progs…just install the program you want onto your flash/usb drive and you’ll be able to run it and do what you want. My example is that I installed Winamp on my usb drive because it can play the extensions from di.fm that Windows media player can’t (Windows media player is so gay, I’ll say it, because it can’t play half the stuff I want it to yet it brags about being so good and how much it can do….yeah right, ONLY IF IT’S WINDOWS-BASED SURE). I installed Winamp on the usb drive, started it up by clicky clicky on the techno music I wanted to listen to, it started right up, and that’s that. Nobody’s the wiser because once my ssh windows are up and winamp’s running, I removed the drive (they’re all loaded in memory) and it looks like I’m just putzing around on the internet. That hot chick next to me just told all her friends and now I’m getting crowded (I DON’T MIND!!!) but in about five minutes, they’ll all be out on the net.

Oh yeah, one other thing you can do in this setup here at the library…they didn’t block google so you can use google to redirect to myspace.com or livejournal.com or whatever. I used that to go to aol.com to get aim mobile going HAHA.

And that’s that…


EDIT ADD: One thing to remember…once you load all the programs from your usb drive and then remove the drive, if you try to change say, the putty settings, it’ll fail and abort that session because it can’t read from the originating place and you’ll have to start all over (which takes all of 10 seconds just about).

EDIT ADD 2: Cancel the above in regards to putty. If you remove the drive, all your sessions will go inactive and you can’t do jack. Winamp works just fine as long as the stream doesn’t die out. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to keep the usb drive in so you don’t have to worry about anything. Nobody’ll care anyways.

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