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How Video Games can Address Climate Change

Climate change is a major concern for many countries. It results from practices such as the emission of toxic fumes, poor waste disposal and the discharge of raw waste in water bodies.
However, it is difficult to change some human behaviours. Punters can get a videoslots bonus code when they play online video games. In this post, we discuss four top video games that can address climate change.


1. Flourish: A Climate Grand Strategy Game

Flourish is a strategy game which shows the effect of climate change on the environment.
EarthGames collaborated with Eric Holthaus, a famous meteorologist, to develop this game.
They worked with other volunteers to produce an advanced video game. It features a precise
climate model that has tough gameplay for experimentation.

2. SimCity

SimCity offers advanced tools to redesign cities. It has specific aspects which make it an enjoyable simulation game. It applies an American zoning system that separates commercial, industrial and residential land. You could use another toolset to create roads instead of simple
transport links. It results in single-use skyscrapers and modern cities.
The game allows you to create modern cities such as New York and Los Angeles. You can add extra features to build a green city. Climate change mitigation partially depends on how we design cities. SimCity prioritizes sustainability and people. Normally, it is tricky to design a safe city which is easy to navigate. Construct energy-efficient houses to reduce energy
demands and to understand passive housing better.
A typical SimCity could use renewable energy. People wouldn’t have to use costly fossil fuels
thus preventing drought, fire and pollution. For instance, California intends to use renewable
energy by 2050. Some genres and franchises can enhance gameplay by integrating climate

3. The Sims

Tigertron developed The Sims to sensitize people on the importance of mitigating climate
change. The firm aimed at projecting the effects of climate change in the near future. They
released the game on April 2019. You can play it on PSVR or PlayStation 4 and its proceeds
will aid different charity organizations.

4. Strange Loop

Dave Taylor developed the Strange Loop. It requires several players to collaborate to protect
society from a particular meteor. The U.S. Department of Education gave Strange Loop
Games a grant. The game is available in Mac, Linux and Windows versions.
Video games such as Strange Loop and The Sims can help us understand our contribution to
climate change. United Nations climate summits are held regularly. It is necessary to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases to reduce global warming. Some video games
demonstrate the impact of climate change.

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