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How will Augmented reality really change the way we game?

augu1While virtual reality is often portrayed as the future of gaming, this may not be entirely true. In fact, it is augmented reality that may offer the best platform for gamers, thanks primarily to its ability to seamlessly meld virtual and corporeal elements within a single environment.

Although it is relatively easy to understand how augmented reality can enhance the typical gaming experience, however, determining the precise improvements that it will make is challenging. After all, only a handful of games have been been released on Microsoft’s ground-breaking HoloLens device, leaving many to speculate and what to expect from augmented reality across alternative gaming genre.

The next logical step: Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

augu2In many ways, the integrated of augmented reality represents the next step in a continuing technological evolution. We have already seen the marginalisation of the desktop computer, for example, with flexible devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches replacing this icon. In short, we are moving away from fixed devices and instead embracing wearable and mobile hardware, and this is a trend that is incredibly influential in the gaming market. Devices such as the HoloLens are the embodiment of this and therefore have huge significance in the current climate.

Ultimately, virtual reality (VR) may well become the primary vehicle through which all gaming genres are accessed. Products such as Oculus Rift have certainly had an impact in the marketplace, for example, while there are also a huge number of affiliated devices available for gamers to choose from. This type of next generation gaming demands a significant transition from players, which has been underlined by the high risk of motion sickness and nausea facing those who are new to VR technology.

How will Augmented Reality change the way we play?

So not only does augmented reality represent the next logical evolution in gaming, but it also provides a foundation from which VR and even more advanced concepts can be built on.

But how will change our gaming experience?

In short, augmented reality hardware will enable us to merge virtual and physical element within a three-dimensional space. Users will be far less likely to experience nausea or motion sickness, as they will be able to focus on real-world elements as well those that are from the virtual realm. The recently-released, criminal investigation game Fragments offers an excellent example of the medium, as it empowers plays to interact with virtual objects and characters in three-dimensional rooms, while also incorporating real world surroundings. The online gaming industry are normally market leaders in this sort of advancements, virtual reality has already been incorporated throughout, so no doubt we will be seeing our favourite online games such as online bingo, roulette and poker being played in an augmented reality very soon.

This is the single biggest change to online and mobile gameplay, and one that will have a huge impact across the board. Through augmented reality, it is possible to recreate three-dimensional bingo halls and casinos, adding incredible authenticity to the ‘live’ gambling experiences currently available. While current technology means that you will need to wear a relatively large (and in some instances cumbersome) headset, you will at least have relatively unrestricted movement and the options of interacting with the world from a genuine, first-person perspective.

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