So, I planned on doing stuff. None of said stuff was supposed to have anything to do with the internet. Unfortunately, before breakfast yet, I decided to check my emails. I decided I HAD to do a post on the new and improved TAZ.

I read the email, went to get my gravatar, updated my profile and figured on getting a quick post done. Since the stuff I planned to do today was work on a painting, I decided to gussy up the post with a sample of one of my completed paintings.

I decided to put it first in the post which was where the trouble started. When the upload was completed and I was redirected back to the editor, there was nothing there except two little squiggly red lines AND I couldn’t add any words to the post. I like pretty pictures as well as the next person but the purpose of posting something is to SAY stuff. I’m female, I TALK a lot. 😉

I might not say anything some folks feel is worth a listen, but my face didn’t come with a zipper or buttons anywhere near my lips.

I’m going to try to upload my purty picture one more time to see what happens, and then I’m going to go see about painting another purty picture that I might, at some point in the future, decide to post. Who knows? I might actually get used to not saying anything.


YAY me! I am SAVED from the dreadful fate of never, ever saying a word again. 🙂

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

2 thoughts on “I Shoulda Stayed In Bed”
  1. There’s all kinna stuff about me you don’t know. 🙂

    That’s my rendition of a calendar photo that I absolutely loved. I decided to paint it on this roofing slate I had so that I could keep it. I like flowers and birds.

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