Hello people, my name is Huub van Overveld and I’m a comic artist. I make a comic called Otto. It’s about a guy in his first 20’s who doesn’t understand the world around him. And his girlfriend Lotte doesn’t understand him. It’s a big wink to taking things litarally with an autism disorder.

How I came to making comics began when i was a little sprout. And held on my big dream of being a comic artist till it now became so. I work(ed) for a few magazines like NVA het engagement autisme the local newspaper here (West Brabant Netherlands) Link SDWnieuws. Most are very unknown but they have a few good readers. I’m mostly surprised but also pleased that there are people who read my comics and sometimes even recotnize what happens in there. Because a lot of what happens in the comic is personal experience bended a little sometimes.

I hope you will enjoy my comic as well, if you want to just like my facebook page. The newest Otto en Lotte comic will be posted there with my home flopping internet comic as well about Bert and Babe who flop for home shopping. And if you really like the comic there are two comic books of Otto at shop.boekenbent.com see you all there maybe Huub Van Overveld

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