I was minding my own business. Sitting in my livingroom, having lunch and watching a blood thirsty real murder mystery on the Discovery ID Channel. I normally use commercial breaks for the obtaining of other refreshments from my kitchen, but today I had everything I needed. Well, I really would have liked some chocolate, but I don’t have any so I remained on the couch.

The commercial that played was a badly put together anti President Obama offering. One that had BIRTHER stamped all over it. In one minute they managed to put together every lying meme that has been circulating since 2008. The ad states that with 10,000 signatures from every Congressional District, the Democratic Party can be forced to remove a sitting President from the ballot for re-election. It, of course, gives a website where such signatures and donations can be given.

I’m all for people, including those who disagree with me, having a place where they can sign petitions, or donate money according to their conscience. I would prefer, however, that the information on which they draw their conclusions be accurate and truthful. To that end I decided to give the creators of said video a piece of my mind. That is where the mystery begins.

The creators of the ad state that the ad was paid for by the Conservative Majority Fund. I went to their website and discovered it was created in January of this year and gives absolutely no contact information. Even the about us feature is sadly lacking in normal information. I did notice an address at the bottom of the page and decided to see what I could find out about the Fund. If people are going to donate money it should be to something that has a history that indicates it’s on the up and up. This Fund is somewhat lacking in that type of history.

The address at the bottom of the Fund’s page indicated it was located in Arlington, VA. It appears to be a UPS Store. Being unfamiliar with the area, I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it may be a drop box address. The #805 added to the address is owned by a company called Viscape. That has a website which indicated it’s a travel and hotel reservation site. On that website page there is the same lack of contact information, a similar about us page that is sadly lacking, and an ad stating “I am a Mormon.”

On the off chance I had the wrong box number, I checked box #806. That is the address of a PAC registered to the FEC as something called “Save New York”. That PAC has a financial history which indicates it’s bankrupt. Has $1000 in the fund and owes $101,000.

When the Conservative Majority Fund information is accessed, this is what one finds.


C00524454 Non-Party Non-Qualified Virginia

Total Receipts: $0
Transfers From Authorized: $0
Individual Contributions: $0
Other Committee Contributions: $0
Other Loans: $0
Non-Federal Transfers: $0

Total Disbursements: $0
Transfers To Authorized: $0
Contributions To Other Committees: $0
Independent Expenditures: $0
Coordinated Expenditures: $0
Individual Refunds: $0
Other Committee Refunds: $0
Other Loan Repayments: $0
Non-Federal Expenditures: $0

Beginning Cash: $0
Latest Cash On Hand: $0
Debts Owed By: $0

Where did the money come from that funded that badly put together ad? Where did the money come from that paid for the TV advertising since I saw the ad 4 times on the Discovery ID channel today? Is this PAC real, or an attempt to defraud gullible people out of their hard earned money? I don’t know, but please,  be careful where you donate. You really never know.

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

3 thoughts on “Is The Conservative Majority Fund a Real PAC?”
  1. Wow I got a call form them.

    The call started out with a Trump speech, which I happen to be a Trump supporter so I was in agreement with the statements. I did think however it wasn’t one of trumps better speeches and the quality of the recording was poor. It seemed like a in support of Trump speech. Then a guy comes on the phone and asked if I agreed with what trump said and actually I did. Then he wanted money. I don’t know why but I agreed to $25 thinking it was for Trump. But then I started to question the guy because I didn’t think trump did calls like this. Well the guy became rude and evasive and hung up on me.

    I was furious and found this number on caller ID. I called them to find out who this group is and found out it wasn’t for Trump even though they used him as their selling point. I went to their website and found out they had Walker on their list, obviously not a trump supporting group.

    After listening to my recorded call someone called me to apologize and refund my money; even though I told the man on phone was not adequately answering my questions.

    Basically, they were using Trumps name to raise money for their group which didn’t appear to support Trump! OMG this should be illegal, I’m wondering if I can report to someone like the BBB?

  2. That’s all this particular Conservative group is doing. It’s broadcasting stories that have been debunked for months or years now. Plus they’re spending a great deal of money that they haven’t accounted for yet. This PAC is too new to have the amount of money to do what they’re doing.

    Since this post there is an actual address that they’re requesting checks be sent to. They’ve hired a political advisory group. It smacks of scam to me.

  3. The Conservative Majority Fund is buying ads on BBCA which claim that Obama and Hillary Clinton are conspiring with the UN to push through a treaty that would force all gun owners in the United States to register their arms with the UN which will lead to the confiscation of guns by the UN. Scopes shows this is an old falsehood in that over the years the UN is trying to get a treaty but it applies to international guns and has language the specifically states the rights and laws of the individual countries will not be infringed. In other words, their is no danger to the 2nd amendment.

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