Paul Ryan was handed a spot on the national stage when the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, chose him to run on the ticket as the vice presidential candidate. Some say that’s good for the Republican party as it seeks to energise its base — but it’s also good for the Democrats who now know with all due certainty that the GOP isn’t interested in compromise and home-nation building. How can it be both?

The fact is that truth often resides somewhere in the middle when two sides tell a story…of course, that assumes that it’s a story and not an event with verifiable facts. Truth being in the middle is how things were before rhetoric and vitriol took over — and before too many voters stopped doing their own homework to dig for the facts.

And the facts can always be found in a politician’s voting record…

With Paul Ryan on the ticket, his record and all he stands for within the political sphere is fair game. Unlike Mitt Romney’s taxes, a congressman’s voting record is open — even if we don’t know of the backroom deals that led to those votes. Ryan became the darling of the Tea Party by bleating about fiscal responsibility, the national budget and debt management. Of course, what is often omitted from his interviews and presentations is the fact that he voted for an increase to the nation’s debt with TARP and the bailout, contrary to all of his free-market system beliefs. And if fiscal recklessness is a bad thing as Mr. Ryan has stated why did he, for bad good measure, take part in the hostage-holding situation during the congressional ‘debates’ about whether or not to raise the nation’s debt ceiling? Responsible politicians know that the debt ceiling, which the GOP had no problem increasing 18 times during Reagan’s presidency, is about paying debts the nation already owes and it’s not about taking on new debt. They also know that not raising the ceiling would result in ruining the nation’s credit rating and subsequent borrowing costs as it became known that the U.S. officially became a nation of deadbeats. In other words, as is typically the case with the GOP, and always the case with Mitt Romney, Ryan was ‘for it before he was against it’.

Of course, now that those topics aren’t part of the 24-hour news cycle, memories have faded. What is at stake now is the Paul Ryan budget and the Republican plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system. The usual tactic, lying, has kicked into full swing; because polls show that voters will support the candidate who will fight to keep Medicare intact, Ryan is side-stepping the facts of his own budget and claiming that President Obama plans have “raided $716 billion from the Medicare program” in order to “pay for Obamacare”. Check out this video clip of an interview with Fox News’ Brit Hume.

The problem with what Ryan is saying is that he neglects to mention that his “Path to Prosperity” cuts Medicare  — but the difference is that the President’s plan does not cut medical care to seniors, nor does it propose a voucher system that results in a gaping hole of about $6000 between what seniors need and what they receive which, of course, would have to come from their own picked-clean pockets. The Ryan plan ensures that any savings will be plowed towards ‘necessary’ budget items, such as more tax cuts for millionaires — while the plan put forth by the Obama administration closes wasteful loopholes, such as the Medicare Part D “donut hole” that was left as a vestige of the Bush administration.

Noted progressive site, Think Progress, said the following:

“The real scandal is that while Obamacare reinvests these savings back into Medicare to make it stronger, offer seniors new benefits, and close the prescription drug donut hole, the Romney-Ryan budget steals that same $700 billion and uses it  pay for new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and huge corporations.”

Of course, seeing the disaster in the making known as the Ryan Budget, I agree. And the message is quite clear that if the Romney/Ryan team *gasp* wins this election, stability for the middle class is a thing of the past.


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