Yeh, I know what you’re thinking…directories, been there done that!

But directories are useful in a variety of ways…especially topic-specific directories like we have.

There are tons of directories out there but very few that are topic specific. Topic specific directories attract targeted audiences. Visitors looking for and are interested in the topic. Unlike ‘ everything goes ‘ directories that generally attract a non-targeted general audience. For example the only people who would be coming to The Sports Directory are people interested in sports.

And sure there’s a lot of totally useless directories out there…I know…because I checked out hundreds of them before deciding to build my own. Even the grand marshall of directories DMOZ is littered with dead links, expired sites, redirected sites, and sites that haven’t been updated since the Lincoln administration.

I have attempted to evaluate the problems with existing directories and create something rare, directories that are actually worth joining.

Our directories are regularly updated , to prevent being loaded ( bogged ) down with discontinued sites, sites that are no longer updated, and sites that have changed and no longer relate to the topic.

The TAZ has , at present, three topic-specific directories:

The Sports Directory

The Tech Directory


The Social Directory

Which are, pretty much, self-explanatory…the first deals in sports, the next tech including SEO, and the last primarily personal websites and blogs.

To Submit your Site in 6 very easy steps:

1. just go to the appropriate directory

2. click submit and click the ‘ free ‘ one

3. place a small piece of code ( but you don’t have to, it’s a courtesy…I’d like you to but. ..I’ll still approve you even if you don’t)

4. add details

5. click submit

6. done

( note: your thumbnail may or may not appear as a result of how fast or slow your site loads at the time you submit…not to fret though because your ‘ preview ‘ window will work fine regardless…in the future I hope to add a thumbnail update feature )

There may be two more directories coming in the future as well.

Most Twitters and Blippers have blogs or websites and you are all welcome to submit your sites.

Also, you can submit articles…and you don’t even need to have submitted a site to submit an article. Submitting articles is a good way to create interest in your listing, promote your site, or just engage a larger audience.


check out our directories, submit your site, promote your site with articles,


and enjoy the extra traffic.

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