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Jon Jones BUSTED! Again

Once again Jon Jones has proven that no matter how successful his life can be, or could have been, he manages a way to screw it up. The first time I really paid attention to Jon Jones was the time when, on the way to UFC 128,  to fight Mauricio Rua, for the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title, he, Jackson, and Wink, ran down and subdued someone who broke into an old lady’s car and stole her gps, and I thought ‘ damn ‘ what a nice guy. Since then, he has done everything possible to prove that opinion wrong.

His personal life has been a series of fuck ups, one after another, from the DUI in 2012 to the hit-and-run with a pregnant woman in 2015. In the Octagon, life hasn’t been much better, from refusing to fight Chael Sonnon which involved the cancellation of UFC 151, the first time a UFC event had ever been cancelled, to claims of dirty tactics like eye poking.  But the worst of it was the drugs and steroids. Now he’s looking down the barrel of a possible 2 year suspension for taking Turinabol, just after coming off an earlier 1 year suspension for Clomiphene and Letrozole.

It amazes me that a guy who is largely considered the greatest MMA fighter to have fought in the Octagon, who had the potential to be everything that we all wish we could achieve, fame, fortune, adulation, legacy, could constantly fuck things up, as soon as we think he is back on his feet, he does something else to ruin it.  He is the modern walking, talking, example of a Greek Tragedy, or maybe that should be a Greek Comedy.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, he’s still young, maybe he’ll make another comeback after this is all over. And if he does maybe he wont screw it up, but he probably will.

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