Personally I don’t get why so many people have dissed this movie. I enjoyed it, in fact I’ve watched it several times and still enjoy it. The characters, the humor, I think were spot on. Sure there was some stupid mistakes, like the Flash and Superman having a race…when clearly there is no contest. Not only did Superman catch up with the Flash who was trying to save one family, and who had a huge head start, but then Superman went back and collected an entire building of people and still caught up with the Flash….again.

And the whole concept of boxes with ultimate power, in my opinion, is as stupid as infinity stones. But then comics aren’t supposed to be intellectually honest. If they do release a sequel I hope they maintain the same characters and just add more. I heard a rumor that Cyborg wouldn’t be in a sequel and that would be a waste of a great opportunity to further develop that character.

Suffice it to say that Marvel is the king of the theater, and DC is the king of developing TV Shows, but just because the Justice League doesn’t measure up to the Avengers on the big screen, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

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