The Lego bricks that we used to play back in our childhood, were the most creative games ever. The level of imagination involved in building things was so overwhelming, that if this game was handed to a child who has just known how to place the bricks one over the other, they would definitely come up with an alien, worth keeping. It doesn’t matter whether you love playing virgin games online today, we are sure you had your tryst with Lego when you were young.

Building houses, vehicles, robots and what not; Lego has filled lives with inspiration. But now, we have Lego video games, and these are not like the ones we played.

These Lego video games have almost created everything quite fascinating for all age groups. From Star Wars and Batman to Chima and Ninjago, everything is covered out there.

Taking you back to the history, 69 commercial Lego video games, were released since 1995. Later the Lego group had their games published by themselves, under the Lego media division. Lego Media was replaced with the name Lego Software in the year 2001 and then Lego Interactive just the next year.

People have loved the Lego video games as much as they loved the traditional Lego brick game. And the best part is, both the games are popular among all age groups. In fact, Lego video games are pretty addictive.

The Top Lego Video Games for You To Try Out Today

Here are few suggestions if you are planning to try your hands on one of the Lego video games:

  1. Lego Star Wars – This video game almost covers the Star Wars trilogy. You can play any character of your choice along with your friends.
    Available for – PS4, Xbox One
  2. The Incredibles – Remember the weird family with all superheroes? Well yes, we have them here too. You can change your character’s look under the Edna mode and totally enjoy the original side-missions and many amazements. Available for – PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  3. Lego City Undercover – This video game, unlike the famous GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is quite interesting, with you being able to play the cop and hunt down the felons from the metropolis of the Lego City. Available for – Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One
  4. Lego Marvel’s Avengers – Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor or Hulk, whichever is your favourite, pick and play. Along with these characters, you have other heroes and villains you can choose as your character as well. Available for – PS4, Nintendo One, Xbox 360, Wii U
  5. Lego Worlds–This video game is all about building, crafting, and destroying. Create your character and see it come to life, and become a hero! You can also build your own landscapes, which is very cool and adds to the fun. Available for – PS4, Nintendo Switch

These games are absolutely worth the buy and quite addictive too, as we mentioned before. So go, try one out!

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