There are people who exist, they just are, you know them, you might even have talked to them, you might even know them intimately….and then…there are people who shine, stand out, without even meaning to, because they are real, purposeful, and make a difference. There’s lots of the former, and there’s lots of the latter too, but, not so much as the former. Given a demand to put a number on these would likely lean me toward a 70-30 split. 70 percent just existing, and 30 percent impacting all of us in some way, not always profoundly, but still making a difference.

In the UFC, and in MMA in general, a lot of names get mentioned, for lots of different reasons, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. A perfect example is GSP ( Georges St-Pierre ), what cant you say about him, his record, his championships, his long win streak of rounds, his internal battles, his ring generalship, his work ethic, the list goes on…however…none of that impacts us…sure it’s impressive, worthy of note, etc…but it’s not what made the real impact. What impacted us the most was his stand against steroids. GSP found himself in a place where he could do something to impact the UFC in a profound way. Do something that was greater than himself and his own personal accomplishments.

And that’s what separates people who exist from people who shine, not the act of accomplishing some personal goal, but the act of making an impact on others, in a profound way, that changes their lives.  That is the true legacy we would all like to leave behind. Most of us wont, most of us will leave our own personal legacy behind, and maybe not even that. Despite a person’s own personal achievements, no matter how great or how small, what matters is what you do that impacts more then yourself….let yourself…SHINE.

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