Almost every time you read any news about cops these days it’s bad. Ya sure there’s a lot of bad cops out there, but I seriously doubt that it’s any different than any other profession, whether you are talking about cops or lawyers, cops or doctors, cops or assembly line workers, but unlike those other professions cops get thrown to the media. Because the media loves a bad cop story. The reality is the vast majority of cops, like the vast majority of doctors, lawyers, or assembly line workers, are decent people just trying to do their jobs, then go home, hug their kids, kiss their spouses, and try to get on with their lives like the rest of us.

It’s a difficult job, in the public view, constantly scrutinized for every thing they say and do by the media. These are people who risk their lives in some very dangerous situations, dealing with the worst kind of people.  Granted, some cops go their entire career and never fire a shot, never find themselves in the position of ever having to. But even those cops have to deal with drunks, dealers, thugs, abusers, thieves, home invaders, and every other kind of nefarious low-life out there. Things the average joe doesn’t have to deal with, at least not often.

Sure, they don’t generally treat people they same way, they don’t bang on a rich person’s door the same way they bang on the door of someone living in a poor neighborhood. Your average joe is not going to enjoy the same level of respect as someone famous or in a position of wealth or authority. But let’s stop painting everyone with the same brush. A cop does something, or even just says something, that is out of line and the whole police force, the entire force nation wide, comes under public scrutiny.

There are more good cops than bad cops, just like there’s more good doctors than bad doctors. So next time you read something, or see in the news, or hear something on the street, about a cop doing something stupid that warrants jail time, or suspension, or being bitch slapped, try to remember to keep it to that cop, and not assume all cops, or even most of them, behave that way.

They Don’t!

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