The ole’ age question, Are We Alone? Being both a Sceptic and a Realist, the sceptic side tells me that there is no evidence of life outside of the Planet we occupy; the Realist side, however, tells me that in just our tiny bit of the Universe, this thing we call the Milky Way, of which our Solar System is just a tiny bit of, there are approx. 200 Billion Stars, of which, according to NASA, there are 11-40 billion potentially habitable Earth-sized planets, if you include those Planets that orbit Red Dwarf Planets. That seems to be an awful lot of waste if there are that many Planets out there, which are capable of housing life, and don’t.

So, even if we assume realistically, that even one of those, has evolved life to the evolutionary standard of intelligent life, why is it we have not come across it? Well, it could be that they are not as advanced as us, or only just as advanced, and are contemplating our existence at the same time we are contemplating theirs. Or, maybe only one planet per Galaxy supports life and we will never encounter each other. If that’s true then it may very well be impossible for us to ever cross paths. Still, it seems unrealistic¬† to assume that in our Galaxy we are alone, given the sheer amount of potentially life-giving Planets in just our Milky Way.

Even though the sceptic side tells me that there is no evidence of life outside of the Planet we occupy; the Realist side tells me that there must be. But both, the Sceptic and the Realist, tell me the chances of us ever encountering each other is, at best, unlikely. So, does it even matter at all?

Instead of spending Billions of dollars scanning the Universe for life, we should be concentrating on the realistic goal of habitable Planets that are close enough that they can actually be useful to us.

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