Little boy is hiding in the closet in his mothers room, while his mother and some man are having sex. All of a sudden the front door opens and shuts. Mom quickly ushers the man into the closet and goes downstairs to send her husband out on some errands.

Meanwhile the boy says, “Dark in here ain’t it”.
“Sure is” replied the man.
“I have a base ball glove for sale”. Says the boy
“How much”?
“200 Dollars”
The man pulls out his wallet and gives the boy $200

Later that week the boy again is hiding in his mothers closet, same man is having sex with his mom when dad comes home. Again the man is put in the closet:

“Dark in here ain’t it”. Says the
“Sure is” replied the man.

Little boy is hiding in the closet – Typically Stupid: Jokes and Stuff

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  1. i think that people should have silly games becaues that people should play on games more and they should start charting 4 sum games kk thanks abbie milner

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