You really don’t hear much about Climate Change any more with the rise of Covid overshadowing it. Not that I ever took much interest in it personally even when it was the top news item. If you look at the ice core data it’s easy to see that the Earth goes through periods of heating and cooling naturally about every 150,000 years. We reach a peak and then we either fall or rise. And this has been going on far as long as the Earth has existed. The Earth is not warming. We are not getting hotter. That is just an absurd assumption on the part of paranoid people. What is really happening is we reached a peak and should now be in a cooling period. But we are not.

Instead of cooling we have peaked and are staying at that peak for longer than expected. The scientists and experts are probably right as to why that is happening, and staying at a peak longer than we should be obviously is going to cause issues, but can we really do anything to stop it? Are any efforts at this point going to undo the damage that has been done? Probably not. More or less any fix we try to do at this point will be like putting a band aid on a cut juggler vein.

At some point nature will self correct, it always does. With or without our help. With or without our permission or consent. And without regard to our lives or livelihood. So we should stop trying to correct it? Well, if it makes you feel better knowing you’re doing something to prevent it, then by all means go for it. But the end result will likely be the only effect you’re having is making yourself feel better.

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