When he first came into the UFC he was a young, brash, funny guy. It’s easy to see why he grew a tremendous fan base in just a short little while. And he backed up all the talk with walking through the entire Featherweight Division with ease. And maybe he should have stayed there.

Personally I don’t condone people fighting smaller guys, I find it offensive in life so why wouldn’t I be offended by it in sports. McGregor is a natural Lightweight, and as a Lightweight he would not have racked up the impressive resume he had up to that time. But, I give him credit, not for stepping up to his natural weight class but even fighting above his natural weight class. That takes guts, or stupidity, or a bit of both. This is the very reason I will never consider Khabib Nurmagomedov as a Hall of Famer. No doubt he will be, but not in my book. Considering he had fought below his natural weight class the entire time in the UFC. Him being a natural Welterweight ( and who had fought at Welterweight prior to the UFC ). He’s the same height as GSP and walks around at 190 ( 5lbs heavier than GSP’s walking around weight ). So, one has to wonder, would he have been as dominant at Welterweight, I think not. In fact he is so reluctant to fight at welterweight that even a match against a RETIRED GSP he demanded it be at a catchweight.

Getting back to McGregor…

it’s probably just the money. Yes money does change most people. When he was broke and a rising star he had a great personality blurting off quips like ” who the fook is that guy ” and ” three people died making this watch ”. But after getting some real cash he turned into the whiney, excuse ridden, bitch he has come to be today. Nevertheless, whether he’s the funny guy, or the whiney bitch, he entertains.  He’s never boring. So love him, or hate him, you can’t stop watching him, can you.

( image courtesy of sportsworldnews.com and mmahispania.com )

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