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As a kid we played a lot of sports. We even invented sports, or combined different sports. Like Frisbee football, soccer hockey, and Rock Gladiator. Well, at that time, there wasn’t a lot else to do, and we played with whatever sports equipment that was available at the time. I even started an organized street hockey league and we would play in the parking lot of a local Ukrainian Church.

I don’t see kids playing sports anymore, maybe they are all hiding in organized leagues indoor someplace.  Used to be you could barely go down any side street without finding someone blocking the road playing something, or pass a park without seeing a game being played or an ice rink in the making. There was life on the streets.  It was an indication that the community was alive and thriving.

We forget how important playing the street and in parks was. It showed us that we had a healthy community. Drive down those streets today and pass those same parks and what do you see? Emptiness. Barren streets and barren parks. Community is either hidden or non-existent.

It’s a sad reflection on how times have changed. Who thought that a simple thing like us playing a game of hockey in the street or having a game of baseball at the park meant so much. But it did, and you see it every time you drive down the street or pass a park and see no one, just empty streets, barren parks, and rows of seemingly lifeless houses.

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