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Marvel Universe Madness

OK I love super movies as much as anyone but the Marvel Universe is wrought with so many inconsistencies it’s a convoluted mess. Spiderman was bad enough with web shooting out his wrist when everyone knows Peter Parker had to manufacture those web shooters. Granted they did fix that issue with the first reboot. And thankfully the reboot also fixed a personality issue as well. Parker was/is a egg-head geek in the comics ( which is why he was able to craft those web shooters in the first place ) not some goofy dork who couldn’t put together a dresser from Walmart. But then, they changed his personality in the second reboot to some drooling star struck dumbass in awe of Iron Man, having virtually none of the great sarcastic qualities that we love in Spiderman.

Then I watched Captain Marvel which takes place after the original Captain America but before they found him and the Tesseract ( which contained the Space Stone ) and thawed him out. And yet, the very same Tesseract was apparently onboard a secret lab space ship just outside of Earth’s orbit, when it was supposed to be in the ocean.  And at the end we see that very same Tesseract being thrown up onto the desk of Nick Fury before he even named the Avengers. How it managed to be on his desk at the same time it was under several hundred feet of ocean is anyone’s guess.

That now brings us to Dark Phoenix. Funny how Cyclops is alive and well and Raven dies when in previous installments Jean has already killed Cyclops and Raven is alive and well. Maybe they are now in an alternate time frame caused when Wolverine went back in time. No. That can’t be it, because according to the Hulk in Endgame time travel doesn’t work like that, and when they resurrected everyone the past never changed.

Maybe they’ll find some way to pull it all together and explain all the inconsistencies, but who’s going to buy a movie that just wraps up all the loopholes.

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