I’ve always loved music. Music of any kind, but mostly the 60’s. As you can probably tell as music is one of the main features of this website. But growing up I was on the edge of the music scene, I was there but maybe a bit young at the time to fully appreciate it. It did however help that I had three older brothers who were neck deep into it.

At one time or another all 3 of my brothers were in bands, probably most you never heard of. However one brother, who at the time was teaching guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music ( Spanish, Hawaiian, etc… ), was offered a job with the Canadian Band Copperpenny, maybe you have heard of them. I was in a band myself, albeit for a very short period of time, called Firebrand.

The type of music I’ve always leaned the most toward is the kind that makes you think, or tells a story. So I really wasn’t much for pop music, so songs like the Beatle’s I wanna hold your hand and Please Please Me didn’t resonate with me well. However Nowhere Man and A Day in the Life did. So overall I had no favorite bands or singers, I had favorite songs.  Probably the closest to a favorite band would be the Moody Blues or Three Dog Night, but I didn’t like all their songs either.

I think that was a major difference, certainly not the only or even the most apparent but, certainly one of, between hippies of my generation and those who were just fans. We wanted songs to mean something, to make you think, to make you view the world in a different light, and not just something to dance to.

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