If the success of Internet gaming and home consoles has taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves to game on some level. Whether we’re talking about your father harkening back to his Goomba-jumping days on Mario, someone betting away at an internet casino, or a cross-country team of headset-wearing Call of Duty fanatics blasting noobs until 4am, we all have a little gamer in us.

New on the Internet this spring is a first-person shooter with pure attitude, titled Hopeless Two: Mercenary Camp. Developed by Necromanthus out of Romania, Hopeless is a browser-based shooter on steroids. Unlike other similar games released in the past, this one is not only feature-rich and free, but it is also designed specifically for the “everyday” computer (including Mac) and does not require you to rush out and purchase a graphics card or more RAM to enjoy the action.

Hopeless Two is all action, all the time, requiring no sign-up (unless you want a cool name, like Nooberson3000), no fees whatsoever, and nothing to install. The Shockwave-based FPS runs wholly in the browser and offers you dozens of characters, 8 separate maps holding 10 players a piece, and a slew of big-time weapons, including a Desert Eagle, AW-50, RPG, XM-29, and much more.

Registered players, still getting to play 100% free, of course, also have the option to participate in bonus modes, namely team play—Capture the Flag, Domination, Deathmatch—and other modes like Infection.

The game exists on ad revenue, so players can participate for years and never have to pay a single cent. Sure, Hopeless isn’t the only free game out there. But it is the closest thing to a console shooter you will find on the Internet today.

Still in its beta phase, Hopeless is really laying the chips on the table in the months to come. The game owner is planning to take the game off the Shockwave platform and migrate onto the Unity platform, where the graphics are better, the textures are richer, and players can experience ground and air combat, on par with COD and Halo.

In terms of ‘Net games that do not require you to own a gaming machine to play, we’re talking about Flash versions of Donkey Kong and online roulette. Never has there been a highly-detailed, highly-efficient shooter offered to players where a guy with 1GB RAM, onboard graphics and a Pentium processer can have the same gaming experience—save some texture variations—as a guy with 8GB RAM, a GTX 480 and an i7.

The game is officially open and accepting all comers. But once it fully releases on the new platform and rivals in a month what Counter Strike and Orange did in their respective lifetimes, it might be a little harder to get through the door.

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