Microgaming’s EmotiCoins ‘pitched by staff, which should be a lesson for a lot of companies that are trying to emulate Microgaming and its success. The five-reel online slot EmotiCoins should be tremendously popular. It has a theme that a lot of people will like. Many people will appreciate the reference to the popular Internet symbols. Combing these with the gambling theme was a clever idea. It also would not have happened without the Idea Factory.

Microgaming was celebrated just for introducing the Idea Factory to begin with, which is saying something. This was back before the Idea Factory had really demonstrated that it was going to produce a lot of tangible results for the company in terms of its basic output. However, that has happened by this point in time. Now, when people discuss the Idea Factory, they are always going to have the EmotiCoins slot to point to as an example. The EmotiCoins slot game is a tangible result that a lot of people will be able to see for themselves when they are evaluating the success of the Idea Factory and Microgaming at large.

The EmotiCoins slot game was the product of a lot of research. It was not just something that people put in a hypothetical ‘suggestions box’ at work. The emoticons themselves are used by around 92 percent of Internet users, according to some statistics. The people who researched this new slot game were really trying to get into the heads of their users, and this was a lot easier when they were able to think up a game like this on their own.

Online casino gaming websites often do not work Internet themes into their games. This might be a holdover from the early days of online casino gaming. In the earlier days of online casino gaming, it made sense for the companies to try to distance themselves from Internet culture, in spite of the fact that they were part of Internet culture. A lot of people still did not favor the Internet during this point in time. The people who knew about emoticons were either the few people on the Internet, or the multitudes of people who mocked them.

Now, emoticons are more mainstream than most things in society. In a world where society is becoming more and more fragmented and few types of media are truly central, it seems that emoticons are still really popular. People will go to the vegas palms casino and they will not necessarily see a lot of things that will remind them of the culture of the Internet, but they will arrive as people who are firmly connected to the culture of the Internet. Now, with this new EmotiCoins slot game, a lot of people are going to feel that online casino gaming websites are really speaking to them.

It is possible that Microgaming might have come up with a similar idea anyway. However, it probably is not a coincidence that this is an idea that came from the very staff members. The Idea Factory will probably produce more gems.

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