For the last two years Dr. Matthew Rochon, lead physician for interventional radiology at Windsor Regional Hospital  has been using the new technology ( Microwave Ablation ) in Toronto for training purposes, and more recently at Windsor Regional Hospital as an outpatient procedure. The procedure is less invasive, less painful to the patient, and has a quicker recovery time. Previous to this new procedure Radiofrequency Ablation was used.

As an alternative to open surgery Microwave Ablation only requires a small 2mm incision then a probe is inserted into the tumour for only about 6 minutes to burn the tumour. Microwave Ablation burns hotter and faster than Radiofrequency Ablation resulting in the patient being able to be released from the hospital within hours.

However, this procedure is only meant for tumours in certain areas like in a liver or a kidney or in an area not near a vital organ, as they also burn the tissue around the tumour to make sure they capture it all. The previous method would take 20 mins to complete, and the patient would experience pain during that time, this new method reduces the time the patient has to endure pain, during the procedure, to under 6 mins.

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