Well it definitely was fun to see both these men back in action. But let’s be real here, it was an ” EXHIBITION ” match. Despite all the news stories and YouTube videos and other media outlets who talked about this post-fight as if it was real, it wasn’t. Sure it was real like WWE is real, in as far as that goes, you have to make it look real, you have to make it entertaining, sometimes those slaps and punches do connect, sometimes those throws and holds do hurt,

sometimes bones do get broken or muscles get strained, injuries do happen, all in the effort to entertain the fans. But there’s no real intent to injure. It’s a SHOW.

And that’s what happened here.

Roy Jones definitely looked like he was hurting after the fight, those body shots definitely took their toll, it definitely looked like he wanted to be anywhere but standing up being interviewed after the fight, while Tyson looked like he could go another 6 rounds. Fact is Tyson could have finished Jones off at any time. But, as said earlier it was an ”EXHIBITION” match. Both men were out there to put on a good show, but neither man was there to ‘ take the other man out ‘. They put on a great performance, they entertained the fans, they proved that even in their 50’s they could go the distance. But there weren’t out to take the others head off.

Jones should hang it up, even in show, he just doesn’t look like it can cut it anymore, if this was a real dog fight Tyson probably could have taken him out within 3 rounds, with either head shots or body shots, or any combination of shots. Tyson, on the other hand, looked great, he looked like he could still compete at an elite level even against kids half his age. Maybe not at the very top of the food chain, but definitely someone who could make an impact on the careers of fighters looking to move up the ladder. But even saying that, at that age you take your chances, the possibility of getting hurt increases, and the recovery time increases. As good as Tyson looked I personally think he should hang it up too.

Time catches up to all of us.

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