It is a fact that nowadays the mobile device, whether phone or tablet, is slowly kicking the game consoles and handhelds off their thrones and taking over. Mobile gaming has slowly grown in popularity, not only because of the practicality and convenience, this is also because of the rapid developments in mobile hardware. Today’s mobiles can have the same processors and graphics processing units that laptops and some desktops have. Add in the stiff competition between manufacturers and consumers are spoiled with choices and features.

Gaming may only be one feature of mobile devices, but the fast-paced development in mobile technology has only made these gadgets the trendsetter in the gaming industry, both in the consumer and developer front. The following are the trends observed in mobile gaming this year:


Free Games


Who doesn’t like free games? This is probably the best and most interesting trend in mobile gaming ever. Console and PC gamers have to shell out cash so that they could make the most of their gadgets, mobile gamers don’t really need to. Of course, some free games have disadvantages like ads, players have to create an account or the game has limited levels, but there are millions of mobile game developers out there. There will always be a new, free, top-rating game to grab. Developers know that if they release a game for free, it will reach a wider audience and become popular; all they have to do is insert ads from the sponsors. It’s a win-win situation for the mobile gamer!


More Games for Kids


Kids have more time to play games. Adults have to go to work. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out, and game developers know that only too well. Statistics show that kids below the age of 8 years old can already play games on smartphones or tablets. The challenge for them though is to keep the game as educational as it is fun for the little ones. Apps for children will continue to grow in number as more and more youngsters become technologically literate.


Online Multiplayer Gaming through Various Channels


This is nothing new for PC and console gamers, but sometime in the very near future, a great majority of mobile games will be played online. In fact, the trend has already begun as more and more apps enable players to engage with their friends online. Using the cellular network is not advisable because of the data costs. WiFi is still the best way to go. Android’s NFC lets you play with your friends wirelessly. Expect more games and better ways to play online with your mobile very soon.


Cloud Gaming


This growing trend poses a great advantage for mobile devices since they cannot catch up with the memory capacity of consoles and PCs. Cloud gaming is synonymous with streaming games, as it does not require downloading and installing large game files. Combine this with ever-increasing internet speeds and mobile gaming becomes even more appealing. This levels the playing field between PCs and mobiles somewhat, pun intended.


Mobile Casino Games


Online casino games are already popular on desktops and laptops, so there is no reason for it to be forgotten in the world of mobile devices. There’s nothing like being able to play your favorite casino game during breaks, waiting on your doctor/dentist or anytime you feel like playing poker or slots. Gambling has never been this convenient. Go here for reviews of some of the best mobile casinos.

The numbers don’t lie: smartphones and tablets can easily outnumber consoles and PCs. Bear in mind that mobiles have slowly taken over the personal computer. Gaming may only be one dimension to the tablet or smartphone, but you can be sure that there are more people playing on their mobile devices as you read this than there are those who are playing in front of the big gaming screen.


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