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My decision to leave Blip

Well…all good things have to come to an end sometime. I had a blast on Blip, made some great friends over the last 3 years, played some great music, and had a lot of fun. I hope my friends continue to stay in touch here, on Facebook, or my forum.

I’ll be hanging around Blip until the end of the month to make sure my friends get the message and can stay in touch.

As to why I’m leaving…well…let’s just say I can’t tolerate the apparent complete incompetence, or indifference, of the people running Blip.

So…stay in touch Babies…leave a comment here once in awhile…or join me on Facebook…send me the occasional e-mail…or join my forum.

I’ll be looking for another place to play my music…made an account and checking out Grooveshark…but there’s always YouTube and Facebook and the music groups I belong to there.

March 31st will be my last day on Blip.

Stay in touch Babies!

One Response to My decision to leave Blip

  1. Barb March 19, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Sad news to hear…but understandable. I’ve been finding myself on Spotify more and more.
    I will keep in tough for sure.
    Going to find you on facebook now.
    It’s been fun playing with and listening to tune with you.
    Thank you for all the props and rbs…yadayadayada

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