Manipulation of customers? False or misleading advertising?

No Frills has large posters declaring they price match ( WON’T BE BEAT ), but the reality can be very different. Just today I was shopping at No Frills and had a couple of things I wanted to price match, but when I got to the teller she said the price match was limited to 4 items. 4 items??? Hummmmm, are you sure because Walmart doesn’t limit the amount of items you can price match? Luckily for me of the 2 items I wanted to price match only 1 of those items was more than the 4 allotted.

When I got home I decided to call the store for clarification, but like most No Frills stores they don’t list their phone numbers ( maybe they don’t appreciate customer feedback, or customers asking them if they are stocked on a particular item ). So I called their toll-free customer service line. Whom, after I explained the situation and asked for clarification, I received the usual ” I’ve got to put you on hold for a minute “. 15 mins later she replies that stores can ‘ independently ‘ place limits on amounts, and it is well noted¬† on the flyer. Ok thanks.

Then I decided to have a look…at that tiny disposition at the bottom of the flyer that only someone with an Eagle Eye could possibly read. And it isn’t noted at all regarding price matches. What it says is they can limit ‘ quantities ‘ of a product to ensure there’s ample supply for customers. Which is reasonable. After all we’ve all seen those shoppers who load their cart with a sale item so they can stock their own shelves at the local variety store. Sometimes it’s cheaper than wholesale.

What it doesn’t say is they can limit the amount of items you can price match. So back to the phone.

After explaining the situation again to a new customer service representative, he was as surprised as I was that a store can do that. That being…not limit the ‘ quantity ‘ of a product to ensure customer supply…but limit the ‘ quantity ‘ of a price match. Which is a whole different animal. You can purchase as many as you want but we’ll only price match 4 items. He gave me a ticket number and said he would escalate this issue and have it investigated. And I would receive a reply within 3-5 business days.

We’ll see if that happens.


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