Because of the over-whelming demand on MAID in Nova Scotia they have put a 30 day hold on referrals. Medical assistance in dying has been legal in Canada since June 2016. The backlash on this measure is that it forces people who are suffering to suffer longer and as a result having to choose to end their own life rather than wait for medical assistance to do it for them. One such case is a person who was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, who, instead of waiting, decided to starve himself until his internal organs shut down.

The fact is you can’t stop someone from dying who wants to die. The only thing you can do is make that transition as painless and as peaceful as possible. And that is the purpose of MAID. So instead of making it more difficult they should be making it less difficult. I completely understand the need for screening, you don’t want anyone making a rash decision based upon an emotional or mental breakdown. A decision they might regret in a calm mental or emotional state.  But, having said that, those who are dying, suffering, who make the decision to end their life should be expedited to fill that request as soon as possible, not prolonged to continue their suffering because the medical profession cannot meet the demand.

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