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Old Man Winter Fast Approaching

Pretty soon all those fun Summer runs along the Boardwalk, going to the Beach, playing Baseball at the Park, will become, albeit temporarily, things we set aside for the warmth of indoors. Sometimes we go old school and shake the dust off of those old board games that are hiding in the closet for a little family fun. But this is 2019 after all so online gaming rules. In our household we have very different tastes, the kids love their multiplayer games, what kids call massive multiplayer,  the wife likes, believe it or not, Zelda, don’t ask me, I can’t figure it out either. Me, well I love betting. Some of my all time favorite places are casino sites like Reminds me of the old days when I actually had time to go to Harrah’s or the MGM Grand. I remember a time in Nevada there was a casino right on the Border with California called Boomtown, and in I went telling myself all I was going to spend was whatever change I had in my pocket, I played those Slot Machines for 4 hours on 75 cents. At one time 3 of my pockets were overflowing with change, after 4 hours I left to head to Reno and only lost the 75 cents I had going in.

It’s a good night out, or in for that matter, if you’re smart about it. You have to set limits. And if you’re like some friends of mine who can’t set limits then you do the next best thing and only take what you can afford to lose and leave your credit and bank cards at home. The good ole’ days of sitting around with the family playing cards or board games is not over, but there’s no denying the attraction of the internet and playing a game, by yourself, or with others. Why my wife likes Zelda is something I will probably never understand, but it’s her thing, so I mind my business and do my thing, it’s safer that way.

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