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Online Home Business : What’s the Real Deal

Someone on another site posed the question : ” Are online home businesses legit, do people actually make money off of them, and are there any ‘ stats ‘ ? “

Let’s just cut to the chase…

for most people you’d be better off having Tupperware parties, or selling Amway, or Avon door-to-door…

most ‘ online ‘ home businesses are MLM ( what used to be called pyramid schemes, which are illegal ), or affiliate marketing, or out-right scams…

most involve a certain degree of deception…hidden links, conning the gullible, taking advantage of the financially desperate, hiding affiliate links in posts, disguising an advertisement as a post or as something other than it really is, etc…

sure, the ones on the top of the food chain make money…but most people are just fodder for them…

I doubt any ‘ stats ‘ really exist…unless they’re doctored…because the whole structure of these businesses is based upon deception and manipulation…if there was a ‘ real ‘stat out there it’d probably look something like this:

96% of people involved in online home business make less than $75 a month
2.5% of people involved in online home business make from $75 to $300 a month
1% of people involved in online home business make over $301 a month, but not enough to live on
0.5% of people involved in online home business make enough money to live on, with a few people making enough to be very comfortable

that’s about the best ‘ stat ‘ as you’re going to get.


The TAZ does NOT use any affiliate marketing tricks, we do not place ads or affiliate links in posts, on any of our sites or on any place we inhabit/attend…

yes, we do actively promote our own sites…such as links to our Music lists, Directories, Games, etc…but those are ‘ our ‘ links ‘ to ‘ our ‘ sites…

we would ‘ never ‘ knowingly partake in deception. We find most ( not all ) marketers and social networking experts, MLM companies, etc to be severely lacking in integrity, thriving off the gullible and the desperate.

We’re not saying that every one of them are like that…some aren’t…but most are.

2 Responses to Online Home Business : What’s the Real Deal

  1. Bath Screens  October 19, 2010 at 6:14 am

    home businesses are great coz you can manage them in the comforts of your own home and it is not very tiring*~`

  2. Butterose July 13, 2010 at 8:40 am

    The problem is, with more unemployed people running out of benefits, they’re willing to try almost anything to make money. Sadly they are the people these marketers are trying to reach.

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