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Parenting plus Political Correctness equals Absurdity

I was just at the Doctors the other day with my two girls in tow, to arrange physicals, eye exams, discuss getting a Gynecologist for my daughters, etc…

at that time I was informed of the ‘ new ‘ rules of the road.

Apparently, now, in this Country, a 13 year old girl can see a Doctor without a parent’s knowledge, have access to condoms, birth control, abortions, etc etc etc without a parents knowledge or consent. And the Doctor cannot even inform the parent that this or that is happening.

Suffice it to say I was not impressed. And I told the Doctor how utterly absurd I thought that was.

On one hand society asks parents to keep an eye on their children, especially during those pre-teen and teen years, to watch for ‘ early warnings signs ‘ of any potential problems like sexual activity, drugs, alcoholism, depression, etc…whatever might be affecting kids these days…

then…in their absurdity…

society says we want you to be an ‘ informed ‘ and ‘ aware ‘ parent but we are going to allow them access to the means to do these things, that you’re supposed to be keeping an eye on,  behind your back…

and, more likely than not, if a problem does surface, and even if we assisted them in that, behind your back, and without your permission, we ultimately will blame you for it…

because you were supposed to be keeping an eye on these things.

Gawd, I sincerely pity the parents of the future…because at the rate we’re going they won’t have any rights at all.

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