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Parenting Teenagers

Nothing really prepares a parent for those terrible teen years when kids are trying to ‘ find themselves ‘ and exert their ‘ independence ‘. Especially if you’re doing it alone as a single Dad ( me ) or a single Mother.

I do my best to insert humor whenever possible…like when my daughter insists it’s her life, I remind her that technically it’s my life, I created it, and it’s just a loaner, until I want it back…of course…she doesn’t find it amusing in the least. 😀

Then there’s those annoying temper-tantrums every time she doesn’t get what she wants.  Thinking, in her head, that she knows what’s best for her. Unable to differentiate between what she wants and what ‘ is ‘ best for her, thinking they are both the same thing.

Then there’s the talking back…the arguments…I’ve always encouraged my children to express themselves, something my parents never did, as most parents back in the day…and now I’m paying for it 😀

When we were kids there were dire consequences to talking back and arguing with your parents…I sit, and listen, as she goes off on me…thinking, ‘ if I ever went off  like that to my parents their foot would be shoved so far up…’ …well you get the picture. 😀

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got great girls…no serious problems like teenage pregnancy, drugs, booze, stealing, other police issues, etc…so far they’ve been smart enough to apply what I taught them to avoid so they don’t truck-up their life…even though I can’t say the same about their friends who seem to have found all these problems.

Ahhhhhhh, parenting…hummmmmm…now where did I put that plane ticket to Greenland??? 😀

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