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Paulie Malignaggi at it Again

So Paulie is still running his mouth.

Paulie knew exactly what he was getting into. They were going at it long before they ever sparred. Conor even said he was bringing Paulie in to teach him a lesson. After the 1st 8 round match, which Paulie admitted Conor got the best of him, Conor felt confident enough to bring in Dana and Lorenzo, and others, and Joe Cortez, so they could watch him beat Paulie’s ass. No one invites people to watch you get your ass beat, you invite people to watch you kick ass.    Paulie works for Showtime, he’s a good friend of Floyd, he was playing Conor, getting the inside scoop. Conor was straight up, he said he was inviting Paulie to scrap. The real sleezebag is Paulie.

Paulie probably reported back to Floyd and Showtime everything he learned, and is likely getting paid under the table to discredit Conor’s character so Mayweather looks better. This also shows what complete scumbags Showtime is to even allow Paulie to comment on the event, ever here of ‘ Conflict of interest’. From the 1st time Paulie said he wanted to fight Conor, and especially after coming to his camp, Showtime should have pulled Paulie from the event and slapped a gag order on him.

As for the fight itself is concerned. Paulie admitted Conor won the 1st 8 round match-up. And he admitted that Conor won the 1st 5 and last 2 rounds of the 12 round match up. By anyone’s math that’s 7 rounds to 5. Granted Paulie is no where near the caliber of Floyd, but…the fact that Conor even went 12 rounds with a 2 weight World Champion boxer and beat him both times, is amazing.

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