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Paulie Malignaggi Quits McGregor Camp

So Paulie is all upset because the Conor Camp released a couple of photos showing Conor getting the best of him sparring. Complaining that what happens in training camp is private. But Paulie doesn’t seem to have any issue with taking one interview after another expressing his views and disclosing private training matters. 1st Fail.

His second complaint was the nature of the photos which he felt portrayed the sparring session one sided. That his efforts weren’t being properly portrayed. That he was the one winning the sparring sessions. Now, I would tend to believe that if it wasn’t for one detail.  Why would Conor invite Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and his crew to watch a heated sparring session where he was going to be on the losing end of it? He wouldn’t.

The 1st sparring session was 8 rounds. Stands to reason that Conor felt confident enough after that 1st session to make a show of it in the 12 round rematch. Confident enough to invite Joe Cortez to referee and people in to watch. This leads me to believe Conor schooled the teacher. 2nd Fail.

There is no love loss between Conor and Paulie, they both had words long before they ended up sparring. Conor even said that he was bringing Paulie in to teach him a lesson. The sparring sessions were less sparring and more fighting. Probably not as intense as an actual fight but likely very close. And Paulie is no joke, he is a World class boxer, a 2 time World Champion, the perfect guy to see if you have what it takes.

The fact that Conor was able to go 12 rounds against Paulie in heated sparring and come out on top should give everyone pause for thought.

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