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When I was a kid growing up there were all kinds of people, shy people, obnoxious people, angry people, sad people, lonely people, bad people, sexually promiscuous people, happy people, funny people, smart people, stupid people, and all variations and combinations of people, and you know what name was commonly referred to as these variations…personalities. Yes, that’s right, people with personalities. They weren’t sick, or suffering some from disease like we view any personality that doesn’t fit that niche of normality we have today.

If you don’t fit into the concept of normality we have today you must be suffering some sort of mental disorder. Granted some people do have mental issues, but most of those we tag as having a disorder don’t. Sure you could wax philosophical and say it’s a result of ignorance, and blame the lack of one’s understanding of themselves as the reason for the so-called abnormality.  You could take the religious standpoint that the reason they are like they are is a lack of god in their lives, or they suffer from the possession of evil spirits. You could take the psychiatric viewpoint and say they suffer from a disease or mental dysfunction and cure them with mind-altering drugs to simulate normality. You can blame the environment, parents, friends, education, lack of opportunity, etc etc etc. But the fact is, if you’re not normal by generally accepted views of normality, it might just be as a result of ….it being your personality.

There’s a lot of things that make up a person’s personality, genetics, the accumulative effect of your entire life experience and the influences of the same, and the choices you make, pretty much sums it up.

Well we can’t do much about genetics now can we, and we have limited ability to effect our environment when young, so the rest of it comes down to the ‘ choices ‘ we make as adults.

I personally do not think every time I see someone behaving in a way that might not be considered ‘ normal ‘ to have some form of disorder, in fact in many cases I believe the so-called normal people are the ones with the problem.


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