This is one of the easiest ways to create a different type effect in Photoshop. This may well work with other software programs as well.

I’ve created a new file 500 x 300 @72dpi with a white b/ground. Go ahead a grab your type tool and type something – My font was Impact – Regular – 88pt – Sharp

You are going to use the filter gallery to add an effect to the type, but if you click on the type thumbnail and then go to the filter gallery Photoshop will ask you to rasterize the type ….. and that isn’t what you want to be happening, you still need the type to be editable in case you want to change the text. If you were to change the text, you would have to delete the layer mask and select the transparency again … but you’ll get the idea of how that would work as you read through the tutorial. So here’s one of the easiest ways to have the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that this isn’t limited to type.

Holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, click on the type thumbnail- your cursor should change to have a small rectangle over the top of it and the marching ants will appear around the type – you have successfully loaded the transparency. You can now add a layer mask to the type layer by clicking on the ‘Add Layer Mask’ icon at the bottom of the layers palette. You should have a similar file to the one below.


Now the fun can begin – you can go ahead and try out various things inside the Filter Gallery, I’m just going to run you through what I did to give you an idea of what you can achieve.

You have the transparency selected, marching ants showing and you have clicked on the layer mask to make it active – now go to Filter>Filter Gallery to bring up the (rather large) dialogue box. You can copy along with the same settings that I punched in, or go check out all the effects that you can come up by using some of the other effects inside the Filter Gallery.


Below is what your image will look like once you click OK to accept the settings you chose in the filter gallery.


Go and ahead and add a drop shadow or bevel emboss to the type by using the FX icon at the bottom of the layers palette.


Now how simple was that :-)

If you have any questions, just ask.

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