The title probably makes this tutorial sound a little more glamorous than it actually is 🙂 It’s extremely simple to achieve, but can have quite a visual impact and it gives you another trick to have up your sleeve when doing portraits.

The image is brought to us by hamletnc over at Stock
and if you’ve taken a look at the other couple of portrait tutorials I’ve done, you will recognise it.

So lets get going – With the image open, go grab the rectangular marquee tool and referencing my image below, make a selection about the same size. Once you’ve done that, press Ctrl + J on the keyboard to put the selection on it’s own layer.

Once you have the eyes on their own layers press Ctrl + T to bring up the Transform Tool. In the top toolbar, click on the little link icon (see image below) to lock the width and height, then change the amount to 106%.

And you should end up with this mess.

Add a mask to this layer, grab a soft edged brush, and making sure that your foreground colour is set to black – take away the bits of the enlargement that aren’t needed. See the mask below.

It isn’t really advisable to take the percentage to more than 6% (106 in total), but you can try it higher if you want. A simple technique to draw attention to the eye area of an image.

Have fun!