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Raid 1 and Raid 2 Review

I recently bought the DVD’S of The Raid Redemption ( which is really The Raid ) and The Raid 2, thinking by all the positive comments about these movies that maybe they might be right. They were and they weren’t. Generally speaking I am not into martial arts movies, I liked Jet Li in The One and I like Jackie Chan because he mixes it up with comedy, but for the most part it gets boring.

I can only take so much kung fu fighting in a movie before I get bored and it because seriously annoying and unrealistic. Especially these movies where it seems everyone knows martial arts even the cooks and janitors. No real story line, no character development, just 90% fight sequences.

The Raid reminded me of the Judge Dread reboot Dread, about a drug kingpin in a building and it wouldn’t surprise me if Dread was based upon The Raid.

Don’t get me wrong I love martial arts, I’m a big fan of MMA, and as long as the fight sequences don’t take up most of the movie ( like the Blade movie series ) I do enjoy them. But…if the movie is mostly fight sequences and that affects the story line and character development, I just can’t get into it. If I want to watch a movie that is mostly martial art fight scenes I’d rather just pull out an old Bruce Lee movie.

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