Is a blog by the TAZ Contributor, and my friend, Butterose.

If comments are an indication of readership then Butterose’s blog really kicks butt…with over 28,000 comments on just 1000+ posts. That’s 28+ comments per post.

That stat alone should tell you that this person is a must read 😀

Even the TAZ, which averages more traffic in a month and a half than her blog has in 4 years manages only a measly 6 comments per post average. A pitiful number by comparison.

So what’s the deal? Why do people read and comment on her posts like bees on honey? Well, it could be because she’s interesting and has interesting things to say, it could be because she’s a very good writer, it could be because she knows what she’s talking about,

we think it’s all of the above 😀

But we’ll let a few excerpts from her latest posts speak for themselves ( be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to the rest of these articles ):

Celebrating The Life of Anexplorer

What does a British slang term for a headbutt have to do with a memorial post I planned on doing for Barry (Anexplorer) Fraser? Absolutely everything!

I was searching for something different, not the usual bagpipes or funeral dirge. I didn’t know Barry as anything other than a superbly awesome writer. A talented man who, through his writing skill, allowed us a glimpse into his battle with the disease that claimed his life this past Tuesday. That man shared his journey, his battle without ever burdening his readers with how frightened he must have been.

Just A Touch Of Sunburn On The Neck

I always say that politically I tilt to the Right on some issues and list to the Left on others. So, with tongue in cheek, I took the “What Kind of Conservative Are You” quiz at “Annoiato Ad Absurdum” yesterday. I wasn’t the least bit surprised at my results, since the choices I found to be the least irritating were those that concerned NASCAR and Toby Keith.

Can We Save This For Winter?

Shortly before 6:30 tonight, I lost a post. I had spent close to 2 hours writing and editing, had just pasted it in the post editor along with the music video I had chosen, when the wind picked up and I lost my internet connection. A thunderstorm had popped up just a little south of us and quickly moved into my area.

Protectors Of The Corporate Bottom Line

The Republican Study Committee is a caucus of 115 House Conservatives. It called the attempt by the Obama Administration to have BP establish a fund to pay for the damage the oil spill caused “a Chicago Style Shakedown”. The statement they issued in the latter part of June states there is “no legal authority for the president to compel a private company to set up or contribute to an escrow account”. A group constituting roughly two-thirds of all Republicans in the House takes the position that President Obama was wrong to demand that BP set aside money to guarantee that those whose livelihoods are being ruined by the oil spill will be compensated.

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One thought on “Raindrops Make Things Beautiful”
  1. Although there have been people who signed up for an account simply for the purpose of commenting on my posts, largely those comments are from a group of supportive blogbuddies. One post actually went to 94 comments because…well…it was a party for my 3rd blogaversary. Many, too many, of those people have gone on to Facebook and other places. Always something new and shiny to distract them.

    That post is actually the subject of a post I’m working on for here. It has to do with all those dead rock musicians that we idolize and my choices for a band that some of them should have formed.

    Did you take the time to listen to “Glasgow Kiss”? John Petrucci is an awesome
    guitar player. He’s number 2 on a list I found of Top 100 Metal Guitarists. He kicks axe on that piece. Prolly spending too much time listening to it when I should be writing posts. 😀

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