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Real, or just more Hype?

Khabib is an unknown. Conor is an unknown. Both remind me of Rhonda. Both, like Rhonda, are one-trick ponies.

And the hype that was surrounding Rhonda, is very similar to the hype surrounding Conor and Khabib. Everyone singing Rhonda’s praises until she gets exposed by Holly. Then she falls apart. Then all her supporters turn on her like vultures waiting to devour her corpse.

Khabib has had 5 fights that are even worth mentioning and 4 of those went to a decision. And none of those fights were against anyone in the top 5. Conor has faced better competition but has lost 2 of his last 3 fights ( if you include Mayweather ) and hasn’t fought in MMA for 2 years. Can he even come back after a 2 year lay-off and be fresh. He’s not GSP. and doesn’t have the all-round skill set GSP has to rotate to something else if this isn’t working after a long lay-off.

Is Khabib and Conor just Rhonda hype train clones waiting to be exposed. Hard to say. Both are very good at what they do best…but so was Rhonda. Neither are the type of fighter that has the skill set to be a true legend. Rhonda at least won a belt, defended that belt, and secured herself a place in the HOF, and she was hype. Fell apart once she had her ass handed to her. Neither of these guys has faced adversity, Conor looked for an easy way out when he lost to Nate. Khabib hasn’t fought anyone in the top 5, and when he had the chance, he found a way out.

Are these guys the real deal, or just Rhonda’s. Who knows.

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