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Really? Bruce Willis

Does Bruce just cameo in movies for a paycheck these days or is he still considering himself to be a major actor. Not really a question, I know the answer. And the sad thing is he’s not even good at it. Sub-par movies, sub-par plots, sub-par acting. I just finished watching 10 Minutes Gone and I’m thinking while watching Willis, is he even trying to act? Nicholas Cage has taken on some weird roles in the past, but at least he goes into each of them 100%. You never think, ‘ does he even want to be in this movie? ‘ I’ve seen too many Bruce Willis movies recently that he looks like he would rather be any place else. You’d think he doesn’t need the money.

So, why does he do it? I know Cage does it because he always has. Cage has always taken on roles from small independent film makers. But Willis, well, who knows. Maybe he thinks that if he waits around for a good movie role he will become irrelevant. So, putting himself out there keeps him in fan eyes. Or maybe he knows his acting chops aren’t what they used to be and a big movie role will expose him for the hack he’s become.

My opinion, quit while you’re ahead. Leave acting to the new upcomers because your movies suck, and your acting is degraded to the point it’s almost unbearable to watch.

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