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Road Trip

There’s nothing like, on the spur of the moment, just getting away.  No planning, just the sudden spontaneous urge to go. And go we did, everywhere. Friends would drive up to my place, beep their horn and yell ‘ Come on we’re going to ( insert place here )  ‘ and we’d go.  It was almost a routine with me and my friends. We’d be sitting in one of our many favorite hangouts and suddenly someone would say ‘ Niagara Falls! ‘ and next thing you knew we’d all be piling into a car and on our way.

I’m a firm believer that you have to enjoy the freedom you have as a kid before life and responsibility takes over. My youngest daughter, who has heard many of my stories and who is now 18, wants to travel, wants to explore the World, and I encourage that nature.  Of course it’s different now than when I was a kid, but the urge to just ‘ go ‘ is the same.

One time I woke up and just decided I was going to California, packed a duffle bag, and went. When I got there I needed cash, I had about 75 cents to my name, so I needed a job. There was this Ski Lodge, so I thought ‘ why not ‘ went in and they hired me. Next thing you know I had a job and was living in the employee motel across the street. Every payday a bunch of us would drive to Reno or Lake Tahoe to take our chances at Harrah’s or the MGM Grand. It didn’t always work out well, but we had a blast doing it.

Now, time has past, and I’m a long way from being that spontaneous kid from the 70’s. And that’s how things are supposed to be. Reckless abandon is for the young. Pop in a recent blockbuster movie, dive into NetBet UK , watch funny cats or the UFC on YouTube, buy things on Amazon or EBay, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the slower life. Every stage of life has it’s own special and unique beauty. And I’m enjoying each stage to it’s fullest. I guess that’s the message here.

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