Well, it was better than I expected. I do get why a lot of people didn’t get Megan Fox as the leader of a Mercenary group, maybe that’s stereotyping stunningly beautiful women into less manly roles, but that is to be expected. Overall I think she did an amazing job in a role mostly suited to stone-faced, leather-skinned, grizzly men. Maybe they could have twisted it a bit and made her the leader of an anti-poaching squad who happened to come across girl hostages,

one of whom who happened to be the daughter of a Governor. Maybe that would have flown better than the leader of a group of mercenaries. But if you take out Megan Fox and replace her with, let’s say, Joe Manganiello ( from the 2018 movie Rampage ) who played the para-military leader, playing the part exactly as Megan played it, it works. So, she did a great job on the role, the only drawback was that she was Megan Fox.

The only real complaint I have was the CGI. The lioness, for the most part, was not convincingly real…close…but not close enough. Better than some but not as good as others. Maybe when it comes to special effects my standards are too high. I expect to be completely convinced that it’s a real lion, if I’m not convinced it puts my full enjoyment of the movie into jeopardy. Now some might scratch that up to a low budget, but if you look at another low budget movie like Endangered Species ( Box Office a mere $68,152 : 2021, starring another stunningly beautiful woman, Rebecca Romijn – Femme Fatale 2002 – and Raven in the first 3 X-Men movies before being replaced by Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: First Class ) the hyenas look amazingly real. So you can’t always blame the budget.

( image courtesy of thetazzone.com )

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