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Sad Sweet Songs That Will Make You Cry

An honest truth is that there is always a song or a music genre that will suit every mood. If you are in love with someone there is actually a lot of songs for you. If you are some throwbacks on your past relationship you can also try Adele’s “I should know better than to love you” these are some of the songs that will descend on you if you start rewinding memories of you and your ex.

The art of mastering the songs that will be in line with your emotions is very easy. After all, keep in mind that there is a song for every emotional cover. This means there are songs you can listen to create a meaning for what you are feeling.

However, we have a list of some sad sweet songs that are worth listening to. Get to know the songs and have those feels. Maybe you lost at sports betting online or lost a lover, this article is for you.

Rebecca Farley – Nine Inch Nail Hurt
This a seven minutes long song a complicated track that expresses the feelings of failure, disappointment alongside regret. This is one of the songs you don’t want to listen to when things are not going your way. Surely Nine Inch Nail Hurt will flood your eyes with tears. But it is a very sweet and melodious song.

Lady Gaga – Joanne
We have all lost our loved one with death coming out as the victor. But Lady Gaga has chosen not to cry for losing her aunt. In Fact, she chose to honour her aunt with a top-notch song that comes with heart-warming rhythms. Lady Gaga did not have the chance to see her aunt because the former died when she was 19 way before Gaga was born. And in case you have lost a loved one this song might be the one for you.

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