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Every day 1000’s of Rubber Duckies are cruelly and inhumanely slaughtered.

STOP the clubbing and trapping of defenseless Rubber Duckies now! STOP the illegal HUNT!

BAN the sale of Squeekies illegally removed from inhumanely slaughtered Rubber Duckies.

The situation is getting out of hand, many Duckies find themselves alone and unwanted, abused, even tortured.

Go to a shelter and save a Rubber Duckie today…good homes for thousands of unwanted Rubber Duckies are needed.



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One thought on “SAVE a RUBBER DUCKIE Today!”
  1. In human terms I can appreciate the desire to stop this slaughter.
    However, one must also consider the predomiminant cultural needs and of course any hunter-gatherer needs, together with outstanding heritage matters concerning the native hunters of these duckies before any legislative requirements are passed by governments. I would also caution that it may pevent the ongoing scientific research which, I believe, is often used as a reason for this probably unwarrated slaughter.

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