I have to admit I get a guilty pleasure watching these videos of people getting scared by street buskers dressed up like bushes , snowmen, or other characters. Some are better than others, some are outright stupid. By outright stupid I mean two in particular ( I’m not going to mention who, if you watch these videos you either know who I’m talking about or, will eventually come across them ) who apparently don’t have the ability to foresee the dangerous situation they put their victims in, or just don’t care. One scares people who are walking down the street with a barbed wire fence just a few feet away from them, or in front of pot holes in the sidewalk. The other one scares people in front of pot holes in the sidewalk, or a pole. And as they are being scared you see them jumping and trying to navigate themselves around these obstacles. You would think that they would have common sense and find a safe place to scare people where the risk of injury would be minimal.

Overall most are not that stupid.

I’ve never seen anyone injured, but I would expect that. Obviously they would edit those out if it ever did happen. Not like they would feed the fire of a potential lawsuit by offering up video evidence that could held against them. Then there’s the cell phones. I can’t even begin to count how many times people who, being scared, dropped their cell phones. Amazingly I haven’t seen anyone complain or say something to the effect ‘ You broke my phone ‘.  How amazingly lucky is that.

But the best of all of them has to be the Scary Snowman. Hilarious the way he just turns his head and freaks people out. Sometimes he’ll chase someone for a couple seconds ( something I wish he would do more of ). And of all these street buskers dressed up like bushes , snowmen, or other characters, he definitely takes the most abuse, which in itself, is hilarious. He’s been punched, had his head removed, kicked, shoved, threatened, tormented, etc. On the same token he gets far more attention, propositioned, interviewed by the media, etc. And occasionally hands out free Tee-Shirts. I think he’s retired, as I haven’t come across a video of his that isn’t at least a year old. Well, not the original Scary Snowman.

The best of all though are the Cops, in all the videos I’ve watched all but one cop have been great. It’s amazing to see how these Cops leave these guys/girls alone to do their thing, and even join in the laughter.

( images courtesy of thetazzone.com and youtube.com )

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