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Seriously, 38 years and not ever 5 digits

I don’t often buy lottery tickets, because the odds of winning are so drastically pitted against you that it’s like laying in an open field surrounded by towering lightning rods and expecting the lightning to hit you. But I do buy them, occasionally, with very low expectations of ever winning more than $10 or a free ticket. Suffice it to say, I’m not lucky at lotteries. In fact the last time I won more than $10 was way back in the early days when they were first introduced, I think in the late 70’s, and I won $87.

I, personally, love the Track but haven’t had the time to go in ages. Online casinos offer potential players a number of incentives and a welcome bonus is one of the most popular. An official website will deliver a series of incentives in the form of free spins, match deposit bonuses which is an amount you deposit and is matched by the casino so really its like for money, and then there is also a free play bonus.

The internet is a beautiful place. It brings reality to you and PC casino gaming is no different. Live gaming is available to PC gamers which allows them to interact with their dealers through live streaming. Here PC players are also able to win real cash and have great social conversation with their dealers, a prodigious social platform for the introvert gamer.

But just out of curiosity, as I was checking tickets that have been laying around for the last 6 months, I decided to check ‘ has your numbers ever won ‘. For a long stretch I played the same numbers, when I did play, but generally speaking I just do the quick draw. However, I checked as if I did continue to play those same numbers, going all the way back to 1982 when 649 was introduced. And in 38 years those numbers only came up more than 3 numbers once. ONCE! And it was 4 numbers.

So if I had played those same numbers every draw for the last 38 years I would have won more than $10 ONCE! What are the odds of that, seriously. Maybe I should be playing those numbers again, after all, how much longer can it be before it hits 5 or 6 numbers. With my luck with lotteries it’ll probably be at least another 38 years.

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